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The Milton Track & Field teams had a very successful Region meet this past Tuesday, April 25th. A great evening for us with 3 Region Titles and 3 New Top-10 all-time performances.

CONGRATS to our region champions:

BOTH Girls & Boys 4×800m Relay Teams
Girls-Sydney Anderson/Emerson Armistead/Leelah Dennis/Emmaline Kelly
Boys-Zach Patell/Andrew Ramsey/Brandon Sevel/Luke Erbey

Girls 800 meters
Ella Grace Malcom

Boys 400 meters
Andrew Sirras

Boys Long Jump & Boys Triple Jump
Devin Dahunsi

Distance Highlights:
GIRLS (4th place-71.33 pts, 45 pts from distance)

Ella Grace Malcom-2:17.70 1st! REGION CHAMPION! (67.6/70.1)
Sydney Anderson-2:18.30! PR! 2nd! (4th best performer in school history!) (67.9/70.4)
Emerson Armistead-2:25.90! PR! 5th! (68.1/77.8)

Ella Grace Malcom-5:15.36! PR! 2nd! (7th best performer in school history!)(75.4/2:34.3/3:53.5/5:15.3) (75.4/79.9/79.2/81.8) (2:34.3/2:41)
Calista Cacciatore-5:42.26 (76.6/2:39.3/4:02.1/5:42.2) (76.6/82.7/82.8/1:40.1) (2:39.3/3:02.9)
Ella Franke-6:06.95! PR! (83/2:58.2/4:38.2/6:06.9) (83/95.2/1:40/88.7) (2:58.2/3:08.7)

Emmaline Kelley-11:55.37! PR! 4th! (88.6/2:58.2/4:25.9/5:54.1/7:21.1/8:49.7/10:24.1/11:55.3)(88.6/89.6/87.7/88.2/87/88.6/94.4/91.2) (2:58.2/2:55.9/2:55.6/3:05.6) (5:54.1/6:01.2)
Macy Schadt-13:04.81 (92.3/3:11.1/4:49.9/6:29.8/8:09.1/9:51.3/11:33.7/13:04.8)(92.3/98.8/98.8/99.9/99.3/1:42.2/1:42.4/91.1!) (3:11.1/3:18.7/3:21.5/3:13.5) (6:29.8/6:35)
Shreya Shetty-13:18.51! PR! (92.5/3:11.1/4:50/6:29.6/8:08.7/9:51.3/11:37.1/13:18.5)(92.5/98.6/98.9/99.6/99.1/1:42.6/1:45.8/1:41.4) (3:11.1/3:18.5/3:21.7/3:27.2) (6:29.6/6:48.9)

10:25.58 1st! REGION CHAMPIONS!
Sydney Anderson-2:32.5 (72.8/79.7)
Emerson Armistead-2:42.8 (79.4/83.4)
Leelah Dennis-2:36.6 (80.4/76.2!)
Emmaline Kelley-2:33.6! (75.8/77.8)

4:14.92! 3rd! (10th best performance in school history!)
Sydney Anderson-64.6
Leelah Dennis-65.5
Brynn Sheel-63.6
Ella Grace Malcom-61.2

BOYS (4th place-114pts, 29 pts from distance)

Zach Patell-1:56.82 2nd! (57.3/59.5)
Andrew Ramsey-1:57.81! PR! 4th! (58/59.8)
Brandon Sevel-2:02.67 (60/62.6)

Cory Chambers-4:20.70 4th! (69.2/2:16.4/3:18/4:20.7) (69.2/67.2/61.6/62.7) (2:16.4/2:04.3!)
Pearson Gillam-4:31.90! PR! (69.4/2:17.2/3:22.9/4:31.9) (69.4/67.8/65.7/69) (2:17.2/2:14.7!)
Keller Wilson-4:38.00! PR! (70.7/2:18.4/3:26.6/4:38) (70.7/67.7/68.2/71.4) (2:18.4/2:19.6)

Cory Chambers-9:43.00 8th! (71.9/2:25.6/3:39/4:49.5/5:59.2/7:12.7/8:33.5/9:43)
(71.9/73.7/73.4/70.5/69.7/73.5/80.8/69.5!) (2:25.6/2:23.9/2:23.2/2:30.3) (4:49.5/4:53.5)
Justin Sevel-10:00.24! PR! (73.2/2:30.4/3:45.4/5:00.8/6:16.7/7:33.3/8:50.6/10:00.2)(73.2/77.2/75/75.4/75.9/76.6/77.3/69.6!) (2:30.4/2:30.4/2:32.5/2:26.9) (5:00.8/4:59.4!)
Pearson Gillam-10:09.08! PR! (74.2/2:30.8/3:45.9/5:01/6:17/7:33.4/8:51.3/10:09)
(74.2/76.6/75.1/75.1/76/76.4/77.9/77.7) (2:30.8/2:30.2/2:32.4/2:35.6) (5:01/5:08)

8:09.48 1st! (6th best performance in school history!) REGION CHAMPIONS!
Zach Patell-2:00.3 (59/61.3)
Andrew Ramsey-2:02.4 (59.6/62.8)
Brandon Sevel-2:03.2 (60.5/62.6)
Luke Erbey-2:03.5 (59.4/64.1)

3:30.27 3rd!
Ethan Hagel-53.6
Zach Patell-52.8
CJ Wiley-53.9
Devin Dahunsi-49.9

2023 Milton TF Distance Results/Splits
McEachern Invitational
McEachern HS
Powder Springs, GA

April 15

Many PR’s and top-performances from our crew that look ready for regions!.

GIRLS (27th-6pts)

1:55.81, 22nd place, 8th best time in school history!

Sydney Anderson-2:18.77! PR! 3rd! (4th best performer in school history!)
(32.4/66.3/1:42.2/2:18.7) (32.4/33.9/35.9/36.5) (66.3/72.4)

Emerson Armistead-2:26.36! PR! (33/70.3/1:47.2/2:26.3) (33/37.3/36.9/39.1) (70.3/76)

Ella Grace Malcom-5:19.35! PR! (9th best performer in school history!) (78.3/2:38.5/4:00.8/5:19.3)
(78.3/80.2/82.3/78.5) (2:38.5/2:40.8)

Emmaline Kelley-5:43.29! PR! (80.3/2:47.4/4:15.6/5:43.2) (80.3/87.1/88.2/87.6) (2:47.4/2:55.8)

Macy Schadt-13:03.33! PR! (93.9/3:13.1/4:49.2/6:26.6/8:04.7/9:44.7/11:28.2/13:03.3)
(93.9/99.2/96.3/97.4/98.1/1:40/1:43.5/95.1) (3:13.1/3:13.5/3:18.1/3:18.6) (6:26.6/6:36.7)

Shreya Shetty-14:36.41 (94.5/3:13.3/4:51.5/6:42/8:42.8/10:42.9/12:46.3/14:36.4)
(94.5/98.8/98.2/1:50.5/2:00.8/2:00.1/2:03.4/1:50.1) (3:13.3/3:28.7/4:00.9/3:53.5) (6:42/7:54.4)

Leelah Dennis-2:31.8 (37/40.4/37.5/36.9!) (77.4/74.4!)
Calista Cacciatore-2:36.6 (34.6/38.3/41.6/42.1) (72.9/83.7)
Rowan Katekovich-2:48.8 (38.8/42.8/45.2/42) (81.6/87.2)
Ella Franke-2:45.6 (40.9/42.7/44.1/37.9!) (83.6/82!)

BOYS (11th-27pts)

Triple Jump
Senior captain Devin Dahunsi-47’2", 2nd place-Improves his school record by 1.75"!

22.00-senior captain Devin Dahunsi-9th place, comes in at #5 in school history!
22.16-junior Andrew Sirras-10th place, improves to #6 in school history!

1:29.62, 7th place, 2nd best time in school history! (Frederick/Lawson/Wiley/Sirras)

Zach Patell-1:57.67 (27.5/55.8/1:24.8/1:57.6) (27.5/28.3/29/32.8) (55.8/61.8)
Andrew Ramsey-1:59.31! PR! (28/58.7/1:29.8/1:59.3) (28/30.7/31.1/29.5!) (58.7/60.6)

Cory Chambers-4:17.62 2nd! (64.8/2:10.6/3:16.1/4:17.6) (64.8/65.8/65.5/61.5!) (2:10.6/2:07!)
Pearson Gillam-4:32.94! PR! (68.8/2:15.4/3:23.6/4:32.9) (68.6/66.6/68.2/69.3) (2:15.4/2:17.5)

+ 3200m+
Jack Rea-10:28.25! PR! (74.9/2:31.5/3:48.4/5:05.4/6:24.4/7:46.5/9:10.6/10:28.2)
(74.9/76.6/76.9/77/78.7/82.4/84.1/77.6) (2:31.5/2:33.8/2:41.1/2:41.7) (5:05.4/5:22.8)
Keller Wilson-10:46.38! PR! (76/2:34.1/3:51.4/5:09.5/6:31.5/7:57.4/9:22.2/10:46.3)
(76/78.1/77.3/78.1/82/85.9/84.8/84.1) (2:34.1/2:35.4/2:47.9/2:48.9) (5:09.5/5:36.8)

8:16.45-6th! (9th best performance in school history!)
Brandon Sevel-2:02.0 (27.9/30.1/31.3/32.7) (58/64)
Luke Erbey-2:03.8 (29/30.9/31.5/32.4) (59.9/63.9)
Danny Murray-2:04.1 (29.2/32.1/31.4/31.4!) (61.3/62.8)
Justin Sevel-2:06.5 (28.9/31.5/33.4/32.6) (60.5/66)

The Milton Track & Field teams had a very successful Fulton County Public Schools Championship meet, conducted at Westlake HS on Saturday, with the breaking of a 21-year-old school record and the boys team finishing 3rd while the girls were 9th out of 15 scoring schools.


Milton (3rd-75 pts) came home with another trophy from the county championship meet with a flurry of strong performances at the end of the meet to surpass rival Roswell (4th-74pts) by a single point!

The highlights of the day for the team were the breaking of the 400-meter record by junior Andrew Sirras (3rd-48.21) breaking the old record of 49.33 set by Sean Bailey in 2002 by over a second!

Other highlights included senior captain Devin Dahunsi with his overall win in the long jump (1st-22’7”), his runner-up in the triple jump (2nd-45’10.5”) and his relay carries on the 4×100m relay (3rd-42.73) & the 4×400m relay (5th-3:28.99) to push the Eagles to a 3rd place team finish. Senior captain Cory Chambers won the county championship in the 3200m (1st-10:11.54) & was third in the 1600m (3rd-4:26.60) for more valuable team points to help lead the Eagles.

The Lady Eagles (9th-39 pts) beat back 6 scoring schools to finish a solid 9th in the team race. Junior Ella Grace Malcom led Milton with a runner-up in the 1600m (2nd-5:19.40), becoming the 9th best performer in the event in school history. Malcom then came back in the 800m (3rd-2:20.55) and then ran the fastest leg of the 4×400m relay (4th-4:15.58) thus scoring in 3 events. Other top-3 finishes at the meet included the girls 4×800m relay (3rd-10:13.80) made up of senior captain Emmaline Kelley & juniors Leelah Dennis (who also ran in 3 events), Calista Cacciatore & Emerson Armistead. Senior captain Sydney Anderson was a double scorer with the 800m (4th-2:25.81) & the 1600m (6th-5:35.10) & ran a leg of that 4×400m relay, to add valuable points. Finally, sophomore Brynn Scheel, who ran a leg of the scoring 4×400m relay, scored in the 300m Hurdles (5th-50.21) to become the 9th best performer in school history!

Lassiter JV Weekday Meet provides a needed competitive atmosphere where personal best performance were seen throughout the evening by the following athletes.

Field Events
Long Jump
PR’s came from both Neel Bhat (16-3ft) and William Ocran (16-2ft)
PR’s by Rebecca Varghese (51-4ft) and Tyler Williams (88-6).
Shot Put
PRs by both Gabrielle Michel (22-1ft) and Sommer Frazier (20-11.5ft).
High jump
PR’s came from* Eden Harris* (5ft) and Tanner Wright (5-4ft) placing 2nd and scoring athlete 3rd place Lawson Estes (5-2ft).

PR’s and 5th place Tolly Long (13.91), was followed by a PR performance by Jane St. Vrain (15.65). Season PR’s on the boys sides came from Brandon Schryver (12.27); CJ Wiley (11.85); Tanner Wright (12.36);* Keithan Jones* (12.59);* Joseph Parker* (12.64);* Jackson Salisbury* (12.88); James McBride (13.12); Draedyn Embry (13.32); Martin Velasco (13.75); Kingston Byfield (13.91); and Chase LeFever (14.03)
PR and 4th Brynn Scheel (1:05.10); Lily Moore (1:13.12); Joshua Lowery (1:00.02); and Lawson Estes (1:02.04)
300m hurdle
PR was by Carlton Ngayi with a time of 49.18.

PR was recorded for Shreya Shetty (13.27.67) and Daniel Murray (10:27.27).
PRs came from Ella Franke (6:08.28); Rowan Katekovich (6.12.07); Makenzie Schadt (6:41.53); Martin Sand (4:53.67); Eric Rasmituth (4:54.82); Parker Boys (4:56.39);* Oliver Stone* (4:58.07); Brian Jeffreys (5:18.79); Malin Schadt (5:19.72); Aviv Oshri (5:28.44); Braxton Herndon (5:28.58); Vincent Hamilton (5:38.24); and* Samuel Agosto-Berrios* (5:51.87).
PRs came from Alex Goff (2:57.71); Brooke Henderson (3:08.18); Jack Rea (2:07.34); Chris Murry (2:11.30); Joseph Petkash (2:16.25); Jayin Batra (2:18.09);* Ryder Atkinson* (2:19.02); Everett Lawder (2:22.33);* Blake Rea* (2:33.04);* Josh Yang* (2:34.71); Dante Brittain (2:35.57);* Ben Lopresti* (2:40.61); Abdiel Agosto-Berrios (2:42.35); and Carter Childress (3:00.38).

The girls placed 4th Elysia Sawaltzky, Alliyah Holmes, Keljan McCants, and Breonah Ray with a time of 56.78. The boys placed 3rd Tobi Adewoyin, Walker Davis, Ryan Ghea, and Bryce Young with a time of (45.72).

One team came in 2nd place with a time of 1:42.95 Jackson Salisbury, Gavin Sorzano, Billy Weivoda, and Bryce Young. * Dylan Griffin, William Liu, Gavin Lohmann, William Ocran*, placed 3rd with a time of 1:44.19.

Great weekend of running for the Milton Eagles as they competed at River Ridge High School in the annual Buffalo’s River Ridge Invitational Meet. The boys team finished 5th (out of 14 schools) and the girls team was 11th. Milton athletes scored in multiple areas throughout the day in both the field and running events. Please see the link below in the RED button for full meet results for the River Ridge Invitational.

Overall Meet Highlights:
Event wins from Junior Ella Grace Malcom in the 800m (2:20.04), a season’s best & followed that up with the fastest leg on the 4×400m relay team that finished 4th & senior Devin Dahunsi in the triple jump (45’9") a top-50 US performance! Devin also finished 2nd in the long jump & ran on the 4×200m relay that ran the school’s 3rd-best performance ever while fellow senior Cory Chambers ran to personal bests in both the 1600m (3rd) and the 3200m (2nd), both landing him on the top-10 record board.

Field Event Highlights:
Anna Pearman had a PR performance (7-6ft) in pole vault. In the jumps, Carla Taquechel PR’d in the long jump with a jump of 12-4ft. On the boys side, Devin Dahunsi had another USA Top 50 performance becoming the meet winner in the Triple Jump of 45-9ft. The following throwers Rebecca Varghese (50-8ft); Paul Williams (101-2ft); Isiah Jackson (98-10ft) all PR’d in the discus.

Sprinter Highlights:
We had a 100m PR performance by both Faisel Sokoya (11.53) and Devin Dahunsi (11.54). A top 3 performance of all time by Frederick Hughan, Cj Wiley, Robert Billings, and Devin Dahunsi in the 4×200 relay. In the 300m hurdles, we saw a PR performance by Brynn Scheel (51.64). Season opener from CJ Wiley ended with a scoring PR time of 51.97. In the 200m, new PR performances were recorded for Kelsey Anderson (29.01), Juliana Gross (29.67), and Ethan Hagel (23.85).

Special shout out to a very competitive group of 4×400 relay teams scoring on both the girls’ and boys’ during the meet. The girls placed 4th with Ella Grace Malcom, Leelah Dennis, Emerson Armistead, and Emmaline Kelley. The boys placed 7th place with Zach Patell, Brandon Sevel, Justin Sevel, and Pearson Gillam.